Asset Recovery

Paragon has a long history of repositioning and asset value maximization for both institutional and private investors. Paragon approaches the takeover of distressed assets with its comprehensive “Task Force Approach” to attack all phases of the project to ensure a successful mission. Our “Task Force Approach” includes the following steps:

  • Stabilize tenancy by shoring up existing tenant relationships;
  • Gain a comprehensive understanding of the assets’ current cash flow situation;
  • Meet with vendors and determine which are owed for services rendered;
  • Quantify any existing liens on the property;
  • Identify and assist in clearing any title issues that would prohibit disposition of the asset;
  • Conduct a detailed physical inspection of all structural & site elements as well as building systems.
  • Prepare a comprehensive report regarding the state of the asset and recommendations of what actions should be taken to stop the downward spiral of the asset.

Paragon’s expertise in, leasing, construction management, cash flow management and in house maintenance services assures that quick action can be taken on the stabilization of your assets.

Paragon has the experience to provide receivership services as part of its comprehensive menu of property management services for commercial real estate assets.